Are the astrologers controlling world?.

In the prestigious journal Foreign Policy, you can read an article on the influence of eclipses in the bag, in that article reveals that the eclipses have an influence on the falling markets undeniable.
From that time all kinds of conjectures arise, such as investors and the brokers are superstitious and therefore as it is a common superstition of mankind, all investors in all countries of the world tend to do the same.

Lepori Gabriele, professor of behavioral finance in the Copenhagen Business School, analyzed data from a total of 80 years on the market to see if starting a business at times considered to be problematic in astrology could be considered a factor, the results clearly show that a significant number of brokers act conservatively him the time of the eclipses, three days before the eclipse there is a demand drops, the gains are less and less about money movement.
However, it also clarifies that once the effect of "eclipse" the situation returns to normal.

Such articles appear regularly, always with some kind of indication of the psychological effect it has on those in power as astrological knowledge and generally acts according to this, something similar has already happened a few years ago when it was discovered Ronald Reagan was planning their trips based on the knowledge of some astrologers who advised, this information was made public by his detractors who found an easy way to attack him politically at that time also did this type of question, astrology has a so decisive influence on the world?.
I guess for many people in the world political or economic or scientific should be a way that there are astrologers, it is always easier to blame the astrologer, the end of the astrology is conditioning the economy, politics, science, etc.. etc.

The fact is that since the old are the people in power, the people of knowledge, the movers and shakers of the world who have made a clearer and more effective use of knowledge of astrology, this does not mean that astrology has a value scientist, who has just had and has influence with a power that does not diminish over the centuries.

Despite that, we are still certain sectors of the scientific world who refuse to understand or investigate the basics of Astrology world, preferring to criticize without knowledge, or use the famous ostrich technique, lest you encounter something that them afraid forever, plus the Ostrich continue not extinct and that is a sign that his technique works to developmental level.

The operation of astrology is independent of the scientific method but not science, this seems to understand that it will cost a lot of work and many years of effort.

An eclipse does not imply a negative event is a symbol that reminds us that even the most power can be overridden, so it was feared by those who had an accurate knowledge of astrology, and these at first were few and with some influence on others but it was all, astrology was astronomy actually mixed with knowledge of the effect of the stars on earth, astronomy did not exist as such, just a mixture of what is now known as astrology and astronomy, was essential for astronomer to know how to influence a particular individual and the ruler over the planets, for it was built precision astronomical observatories, it is clear that much work and dedication was intended to find a utility.

For astrology the eclipse of the sun is hiding the representation of earthly power, formerly represented by kings or emperors, pharaohs, or just people wielded power as the sun distributes its forces around them, often foretell by both the fall as the disease of these people of power.
From here a clear superstition, but has no relation to astrological interpretation, as there are for astrology eclipses that can be very favorable, there is no such interpretation of the eclipse as a negative event, such an interpretation is incorrect and possibly a type of ancient superstition.

Knowing where you are going to affect the influence of the eclipse and what kind of influence will be is the job of an astrologer both ancient and in modern times.

But pinning down the location of end effect of the planets in man and the start of our subconscious ability to produce effects abroad is more complex than it seems, there are sync between the planets and events on earth is undeniable to anyone who has taken enough time to study it.

That there is an obvious trend of suggestibility and want to see everything just like I have, both from an astrologer, and science, and religion as anything else is undeniable, that in all these modalities of human thought there who claim a truth grasped by the handle and hacérnosla know that no one can doubt.

I only know one way to stay free from outside influences that seek to impose the truth, and that way is to check things, but not proving one thing but trying them all, that at first seems simple is probably the trickiest part, as a rule we start with a general prejudice, and but we recognize that such prejudice can hardly judge, however, that no one believes that prejudice always comes from the same place because ultimately cheating also exist in the scientific dogmas , religious, astrological, in any area . If we have to study the influence of the eclipse over the world try to understand how science, like astrology, or the manner of the particular philosophy that everyone has on hand. We must remember that everything changes and that what is now indisputable truths events yesterday were unknown, and that within a few hundred years possibly neither one thing nor the other will be in effect.
mandala hindu

Also if we try to understand the different points of view only run two risks, to accumulate more knowledge, and to compare.

few see what we are, but everyone sees what we seem.

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