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The spirit of Christmas

They want to know the true spirit of Christmas ?, follow me on these lines.

Christmas is a holiday that reminds us of the triumph of light, once the winter solstice arrived, and still solstice means sun, light reborn, the sun returns and defeats the darkness, the days begin from that instant be longer, with more light.

Christmas represents the days after that moment, three days after the motion of the sun starts forward, and what better way to celebrate than with bonfires overnight, it not light the protagonist?

In our society and culture influence predominates in the northern hemisphere on the south, the reason is logical, is the most populous part, only 10% of the world population lives in the southern hemisphere, and in some parts of the southern hemisphere is celebrated new Year's June 21, exactly in the same spirit and reason in the North near December 21.

  In any case, the majority religions, the most entrenched philosophies of antiquity that still exist, have their beginning in the north, particularly our holidays are reminiscent of the Roman culture, and this with clarity, may even surprise the amount of curious details that bring us closer to that Roman society.
In Rome the new year began in March, because there was no other month between December and March.

And especially the Christmas holiday and has beginning and popular culture in the days of the Roman Saturnalia Saturnalia festivities were dedicated to the god Saturn, evoking the golden age of humanity, the heyday, an obvious analogy with paradise.
Saturnalia was celebrated between 17 and 23 December.

In the Saturnalia gambling that were punishable by Roman laws the rest of the year is allowed, it is a tradition that still exists in some parts of Europe, no doubt prompted by the consumer maelstrom that preach the media in Spain for example, there is a well-established tradition of big Christmas.

In the Saturnalia, bonfires were lit, and now we lit trees, light candles and the streets are filled with colorful lamps not cease to be a reminder of the cultural background of most of society that lives in the northern hemisphere
In the Saturnalia he committed excesses of all kinds, roles were exchanged and drank copious and generally, Roman law did not allow such practice in the rest of the year, I think this point is easily recognizable and such today.

The Romans proclaimed the Sol Invictus, the victorious sun, the time when the light overcomes darkness post-solstice day, this is Christmas.

Christmas associated with Christianity, has beginning with Emperor Constantine, truly Constantine go down in history as the real architect of the spread of Christianity, nowhere in the Bible is silent on Christmas Day, which really should be called day Constantine.
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