Human Destiny

Rich and poor .
There is a popular saying that there were always rich and poor, I do not agree , so there were always people who think they are better, more important and more special than the others right to life.
Nationalism is based on the idea of inequality assumes that those outside our community have the same rights because they have less , unless the alien to our community a rich and generous , with them you can always make a EXCEPTIONS , and if not generous and rich , you can leave them you can even let them change the laws
It is natural that there are people with innate abilities to perform mathematical calculations to achieve greater economic benefits or to achieve mass appeal and emerge as leaders, the problem arises when these qualities is to demonstrate superiority over others and no difference quantity or quality.
The problem always seems to be the same and is repeated throughout history in all areas , it is simply a cultural problem though possibly influenced by what is paradoxically deny the sectors that most lavish , that Darwin knew so well and the extreme right with their religious background shakes his head and applied by hand.
In 585 at the Council of Nicea bishops discussed whether or not women had souls , concluded by a vote that was not really the discussion was much deeper as if they were being raised humans, this discussion now seems foolish misplaced, did not seem so at the time. This shows how far the privilege and differentiation prevails over reason and also that things change despite the conservatism of the dominant power.
If anyone seems absurd to ask whether women are or they are not human beings , do not stop to think that in a few years nobody will understand that we consider our superiority over others based on our personal qualities , and this includes intelligence the ability to hoard wealth or genetic and ethnic makeup of each individual, how can we explain a human being of the future existence of the groups of the extreme right or extreme left ? Hardly ! .

They managed to change the concept to be had of women in Western society , also linked to other beliefs dogmas rooted in the more instinctive part can be changed .
The victory of freedom and equality is something that is already won , is won because common sense is the fixed point to which we turn for thousands of years , through the most amazing atrocities , egregious chapters the history and characters that have made the difference with the other a gun.
Although every heinous act and every death , the future does not belong to the totalitarian ideologies of nationalism , the future clearly belongs to each and every one of those who begin to feel equal to others despite their qualities and peculiarities innate.
While capsize our hopes in a higher power sieving a dogma of faith will rely on such a violent dispute as the most exclusive nationalism , and little or nothing remained of this because it is ultimately alcabo another way to escape freedom.
The slow speed of reaching this target will depend on certain events and revolutions that happen each tunnel on the road is just a grain of sand in the history of time .
If we look at things in perspective may see that every conservative political body is acting only as a structural material present not articulating the future and progressive ideologies tend only cane forward without really knowing you are fishing .
The future does not depend on any political ideology , the future is inside every human being that has lived and will live and is and will always be the same .
The success of the human being is already written.
"Where one door closes , another opens ." (Cervantes in Don Quixote . )


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